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Case Study: Remote Online Notary for Escrow Closing Documents

Client signing closing documents with a remote online ntoary

Idaho Mobile Notary Provides Escrow Solutions for Out Town Client

Escrow Officers need the ability to close transactions quickly and securely, regardless of the client’s location, which is critical to closing in a timely manner and meeting your clients timelines. Idaho Mobile Notary specializes in facilitating seamless, efficient, and secure notarizations, even when parties are not physically present. This case study demonstrates our capability to handle urgent notarizations remotely, ensuring that all parties signature are valid and meet critical deadlines without needing to compromise on security or convenience.

Remote Online Notary Case Details

  • Location: The client was in Montana during the transaction; the property is located in Idaho.
  • Document Type: Trust Deed.
  • Notarization Type: Acknowledgement.
  • Urgency: High, with documents needed by the next day for a 2 PM closing.
  • Service Description: Provided a swift and secure Remote Online Notarization (RON) for a client who was unable to be physically present due to travel, facilitating an on-time property closing.

Escrow Client Issue:

  • An escrow client had a seller who was out of town and unable to visit the local escrow office to sign documents related to property sales.
  • Required a secure and timely method for document signing and notarization to close on a property remotely.

Solution Provided by Idaho Mobile Notary

Once contacted by the escrow officer, we quickly set up a Remote Online Notarization session for the client. After guiding them through a secure login and identity verification, they signed their Trust Deed online. We then promptly sent the notarized documents back to the escrow team via SendSafely, ensuring the property closing proceeded on time. With Idaho Mobile Notary, remote document signing is fast, secure, and efficient.

  • Client Engagement: Contacted by the escrow officer, Idaho Mobile Notary was provided the client’s contact details and necessary closing documents.
  • Remote Online Notarization Setup: Arranged an online notarization session at a convenient time, guiding the client through the login and verification process.
  • Identity Verification: Utilized two-step verification, including Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA) and identification checks against a database to ensure validity.
  • Document Signing: Enabled the client to read, fill out, electronically sign, and date the required Trust Deed remotely.
  • Secure Document Handling: Utilized “SendSafely”, an encrypted platform, to send the completed documents back to the escrow officer promptly.

Special Product Used:

  • SendSafely: An end-to-end encryption platform that ensures the secure transmission of sensitive documents.

A Trusted Partner in the Real Estate Sector

Idaho Mobile Notary’s commitment to using cutting-edge electronic notarization technology and providing reliable, efficient services has made it a trusted partner for escrow real estate transactions. If you are in need of a dependable notarization service that guarantees your documents are handled with the utmost care and professionalism, look no further.

Contact Idaho Mobile Notary today to ensure your next transaction proceeds smoothly and securely, no matter where you are located.

*I am not an attorney licensed to practice law in this state. I am not allowed to draft legal records, give advice on legal matters, including immigration, or charge a fee for those activities.

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