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Easily Have Documents Notarized Online with an Idaho Notary Public

Perfect for US Citizens Overseas, Busy Professionals, and Remotely Located Individuals. 
Jim Allen Notary

What Is Remote Online Notarization?

Also known as virtual notarization, this is where the notary public uses online audio-visual communication to administer oaths and witness the signing of important documents.

This allows participants from different locations to participate in the notarization process.

What Steps Do I Need to Take to Prepare for an Online Notarization?

Preparing for an online notarization is easy. Let’s break it down so you are ready.

  1. Collect your document and fill out all the necessary information (do not sign) and save the file as a PDF.
  2. Collect your Identification. Driver’s License and Passport cards work great. 
  3. All Signers must be US Citizens with a credit history in the USA.
  4. Click the “Get Started Button” to schedule your appointment.
  5. Questions? Find the Chat tool in the lower right.

Idaho’s Most Trusted Mobile Notary Public

From taking care of your financial documents to refinancing a loan or a mortgage, you’ll certainly need the services of a notary in Idaho. But physically notarizing documents can be time-consuming and stressful. This is where our mobile notary service comes in.

For the process to work, you must be a U.S. citizen and have a state-issued photo ID, and an email address since our KBA will ask you five security questions based on your state-issued ID, social security number, and credit report.

We also recommend you use your computer or laptop to ensure a strong and dependable connection of at least 3mbps.

How Does Remote Electronic Notarization Work?

STEP 1: Schedule Your Appointment Online or Call.

  • Hardware Requirement: Each signer must have their own device. A computer capable of online video conferencing utilizing the Chrome browser or a current mobile device
  • When you start the online scheduling process you will have an opportunity to upload your document and provide the Notary with all the essential information.


  • Once your online session is scheduled you will receive an invite to the Online Notary Platform session, much like an online conference call. 
  • First, You will need to pass Knowlege Based Authentication which is a series of 5 credit-related questions, you must pass with an 80% pass rate. 
  • Second,  You will need to pass ID Authentication. Simply follow the instruction in the invoice and upload your ID and take a selfie.
  • Watch this video to learn more.


  • Once we’ve verified your identity, you will be connected with an online notary.
  • From this point, the notary will ask you a few additional verification questions and then it’s on to signing and notarizing your document. The Notary will coach you the rest of the way!


  • Once completed you’ll get an email with the notarized copy of your document straight away.
A man on a laptop preparing for a Idaho online Notary Session.
mobile notary Jim Allen
mobile notary Jim Allen Notary
Jim Allen meeting a man the door for notary services in Nampa Idaho

Frequently Asked Questions About Notarizing Documents Remotely

I use Knowledge Based Authentication (KbA) since a notary remote cannot physically inspect your identification. The KBA will ask you five security questions based on your social security number, credit report, and state issued ID. For this to work you must be a U.S. citizen and have an email address and have a state issued photo ID (can be a driver’s license or a passport).

I recommend a computer or laptop to ensure a strong, reliable connection of at least 3mbps. Your computer or laptop needs to have a webcam and working audio. Phones are not recommended because the speed and reliability of data is not high enough. If there is more than one person signing a document, a separate laptop or computer is needed for each person.

No! As long as you have a webcam, microphone (built-in works great) and an updated operating system on your computer, you won’t need any special software. Use Chrome (recommended) Safari, or Firefox as your web browser.