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Jim Allen – OwnerIdaho Notary Signing Agent, LLC

Jim Allen, Mobile Notary Boise

 Are you wondering who I am? I’m glad you asked! I am one of the proud and few “Idaho Natives.” I have spent most of my adult life in Boise and Meridian where I have raised my family and spent my time enjoying the outdoors, watching my kids play soccer and lacrosse, and getting out on some great and beautiful hikes. 

I have been a Mobile Notary in Boise and Loan Signing Agent since July of 2018 and have found my true “calling” in business life. I have spent, and continue to discover every day, considerable time and resources solidifying my expertise and leadership as a Notary and Loan Signing Agent. It’s been an amazing adventure where I have had the greatest opportunities to meet and partner with some of the best people in the business here in the valley.

Mobile Notary Hours of Service:

I am available from 8 am to 8 pm Monday through Friday and 8 am to 12 pm on Saturdays – I take a breather on Sunday!

Schedule an appointment now with “no fuss”  

Mobile Notary Services

Loan Signings for Escrow & Loan Officers

A Mobile Notary is needed to complete loan signings, deed signing, QuitClaim deeds, sale documents, cash buyers or other real estate type documents including home refinancing either directly through a number of local and national escrow & title offices or as requested through signing services such SnapDocs, Notary Dash, and BancServe.  (you can request my services from any of these platforms!)

Remote Online Notary (RON)

Meet with me online through my Remote Online Notary (RON) service to have your documents signed and notarized from the comfort of your own home without the need to commute or sign documents in person. 

The process is simple and convenient! All you need is a computer, a decent internet connection, and the camera and microphone connected to said computer and that you are probably already using for those Zoom calls. 

Escrow Officers find mobile notaries to be a valuable option, especially when clients are not available to come to the office. It is a great option for Escrow when documents come back from (other) mobile notaries that have missed notarization stamps. 

In-Office Signings

Having completed over 1,000+ in-office signings, I’ve gained a keen insight into the workings of a busy Escrow office. I take pride in taking care of your clients as if they are my own. I want each client to have an excellent signing experience. therefore I use my loan signing and customer service expertise to become a genuine reflection on your business. Friendliness, professionalism and respect for you and your clients’ time are high on my list of priorities. 

Often Escrow/Title offices will hire me if they have an overflow, are short-staffed, or have employees on vacation and need the coverage. 

When you need help with in-office signings, I can be scheduled for whole or partial days based upon your needs. See my schedule of fees here. 

Mobile Notary Services – General Documents 

If you are located in Boise, Meridian, Eagle Kuna, Nampa, Caldwell, I can help with notarizing a long list of document types. 

General notary documents include:


Clients can call, text or email with their requests. Fees are reasonable and determined based on the document type and scope of work.  

Jim Allen is more than just a Mobile Notary.

He Always Chooses to Do the Right Job from the Start!

Completing loan signings successfully for my clients requires more than just being a Mobile Notary. It takes a remarkable knowledge of documents, a high degree of customer service, an established competence in communication with Escrow Officers, Loan Officers, as well as signing clients so that I can keep everyone in the know and keep the ball rolling! 

it’s important to be on the lookout when lenders decide to change their forms! Missing signatures, dates, or initials can cause funding issues which we all strive to avoid to keep our clients’ process moving along to the final close. I review all documents accurately and with detail and know what changes and important clauses to pinpoint. 

Cut the stress.

Making it EASY for you and your clients.

Remember, it’s not about me or you… it’s about the client. The only goal here is to confidently deliver a service to you (whether you are a loan officer, Escrow officer, or another real estate professional) to make your job easier, which in turn makes the process easier for your client. When you assign me a closing, I completely take over the process so you don’t have to worry about the details.

The Mobile Notary Signing Process

Here’s what you can expect by hiring Jim Allen, Idaho Notary Signing Agent:


      • Easy scheduling available so you don’t have to call/email or text .. but you can if you choose. Find the date and time in the attached link, fill out the information, and I will take it from there. It’s that simple.

      • I will confirm the appointment with your client – dates, times, and addresses.

      • I will then email an appointment confirmation to you and your team letting you know the client appointment is set.

      • I will send you a link where we deliver the documents, keeping them secure and off of email inboxes. Or, you can also arrange to pick up the documents from a local office.

      • I will print two copies of the loan documents and review them to see if there are any questions or concerns.

      • Finally, I will arrive at the client’s address and complete the signing.

      • Once signing is completed, you will receive a confirmation email with completion times and any notes you may want to review.

      • Documents will be dropped off in a sealed poly-bag to your local office or shipped with a tracking number emailed to you. 

    It’s important to know that I am not an attorney. I am not allowed to draft legal records or give advice on legal matters. If a client ever has specific questions about the document or has any legal/tax questions, I will refer them to ask their attorney, loan officer, or Escrow officer. 

    Some of the forms that I pay close attention to include:


    Besides making sure the client signs and properly dates each document, I will also have them review and acknowledge their understanding of the Closing Disclosure from the lender and show them where they can find their total monthly payment including principal, mortgage insurance payment, and estimated escrow payments. 


    I make sure to have the Settlement Statement out at the same time the client is reviewing the Closing Disclosure. I point them to the amount “Due to Borrower” or the amount “Due from Borrower” to make sure they balance and if they are to provide any other funds. If funds are due, I make sure those funds are attached to the file when it’s sent to you. If there are any issues with this, I will always email the Escrow Officer/Team to alert you of any problems. 


    When we get to the Loan Application, we will look for initials at the bottom of every page, ensuring the first page is signed at the top, the rest of the pages are signed and dated, and no pages are missed. I make sure the Borrower and any Co-Borrowers sign in the correct places.


    When reviewing the Note, I will point to the “Promise To Pay”, “Interest Rate”, “First Payment Date” and “Late Fees for OverDue payments” areas of these forms. If there are any issues here, I will have them reach out to their lender or loan officer for more information.


    I review the Deed of Trust to find pages that require initials at the bottom and also ensure that all signatures and dates are clear for recordkeeping. I also have the client check the “B” Borrower line to make sure all names and addresses are spelled correctly and have the correct designations. If there are any issues, I will contact the Escrow Officer immediately. 


    I make sure to check if the Patriot Act requires 1 or 2 forms of identification. I have found that the second form of ID that most people have is a Costco Card! It’s perfect because it has an ID number, Issue Date, and Photo of the holder. If I’m not sure if the first piece will be approved, I will always get that second one – just in case!

    Loan Packages can have a number of different forms to be filled out by the client and I pay attention to making sure they sign, date, or initial in the indicated places. If there are questions about any of these forms, I will contact the Loan Officer or Escrow Officer at my initial review or while I am at the signing table. I will do anything in my efforts to make sure every document is approved! 

    Advanced Training and Certification as a Loan Signing and General Notary

    I have invested into some invaluable training that has acted as a springboard for my business. Without proper training and mentorship, it would take too long to learn the ropes. I am a firm believer in learning from others.  Here is a list of resources I have studied and excelled in.

    The Loan Signing System (LSS)

    LSS is considered the TOP industry training and is recognized by the NNA. It gave me the necessary tools I needed to be confident in handling any loan signing. It was truly a game-changer for me and molded me into the LSA I am today. 

    Notary Coach – Certified Reverse Mortgage Signing Professional (CRMSP)

    Notary Coach prepared me to excel and acquire a competitive advantage above other mobile notaries in Idaho within the Reverse Mortgage scope. I help senior homeowners with the paperwork and documentation throughout their Reverse Mortgages. Ask Kyle Buck from Omaha Mortgage – a great leader and helps many individuals achieve their goals – who said “ Jim does a great job with my Reverse Mortgage clients. Very personable and easy to work with. Highly recommended!

    National Notary Association (NNA)

    A proud member of the National Notary Association, I have completed Notary Essentials, Loan Signing Agent training, and have a yearly background check conducted. View my complete profile on the NNA by clicking here.

    When you are ready to find a Mobile Notary for Loan Signing assignments, reach out to the Notary you know will effectively and efficiently provide you with the best experience at the best rates. I promise to deliver and promise to treat your client like gold.

    Jim Allen

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