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Case Study: Expedited Apostille Services for Overseas Relocation

Mobile Notary and Apostille Services for all 50-States including Idaho

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Mobile Notary and Apostille Services

Recently, a client of mine urgently required Apostille authentication for several personal documents (birth certificates, marriage licenses, driver’s licenses, and passports) due to an overseas relocation. The documents needed to be notarized and then sent to the respective Secretary of State offices. The documents originated from multiple states (Ohio, California, and Idaho), and there was a tight timeframe as the client was moving out of the country in a month.

We Provided the Client  with an Effective Apostille Solution

Location: Eagle, Idaho

Documents: Birth Certificates, Marriage Licenses, Drivers Licenses, Passports

Urgency: High, with a need for the fastest processing possible

Type of Service Provided: Mobile Notary Services with Copy Certification and State-Issued Apostille Authentication

Description of Service: Provided comprehensive Apostille services, including notarization and preparation of all documents at the client’s home. Expedited all out-of-state documents using FedEx Overnight AM delivery to Ohio and California, ensuring next-day arrival. Utilized a courier for same-day processing at the California Secretary of State office.

Special Processes: Used FedEx Overnight services for both sending and receiving documents to ensure rapid turnaround. Sent all Apostille requests with appropriate forms, payments, and a detailed cover letter to clarify the contents for state Secretary of State offices. Ensured documents’ safe return by including a return FedEx cardboard envelope and packaging the documents in a protective plastic folder and poly bag.

The Apostilles for Ohio were processed and returned within two days. The California documents were handled on the same day by a courier and promptly returned.

Local Idaho documents were apostilled the next day following a pre-scheduled appointment, effectively addressing the client’s urgency. The entire process ensured that the client received all authenticated documents well in advance of their move, facilitating a smooth transition to living overseas.

Are you Moving out of the Country too?

We specialize in handling urgent document authentication with efficiency and care, ensuring your documents are processed, certified, and returned swiftly.

Whether you’re preparing for overseas travel, handling international business, or relocating abroad, we provide tailored solutions to meet your specific deadlines. Contact Idaho Mobile Notary today, and let us take the stress out of your document authentication needs. Trust us to deliver prompt and professional service exactly when you need it.

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