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2024 Guide: Apostille for Single Status Affidavit Certificate

Idaho Apostille of Single Status Affidavit

Idaho Apostille for Single Status Affidavits in 2024

What is a Single Status Affidavit?

A Single status certificate affidavit  serves as an official statement confirming that you are single and free to marry. This is particularly important when getting married in a foreign country. The affidavit of single status typically includes your basic information, like your full name, date of birth, address, and marital status. It may also ask about any previous marriages and how they ended (divorce, death, etc.).The affidavit typically needs to be signed in front of a notary public who verifies your identity and validates the oath in the document.

You’ll need an apostille for your Single Status Affidavit only if you plan to use it in a country that is part of the 1961 Hague Apostille Convention. This convention simplifies the process of getting foreign documents recognized in other member countries. You will need to check with the entity that is requesting your single status affidavit and whether it needs an apostille. In some countries, you may need a different verification process set by that country.

What is an Apostille?

Most people don’t know what an apostille is until they require one. But documents that go through the apostille process must meet a very specific set of criteria that changes depending upon the country that the document is going to and what it contains. If you need an apostille in Idaho, keep reading to find out how Idaho Notary Signing Agent can help you get your documents through the apostille process and ready to use in the country they are needed for.

An apostille is a type of certificate that is attached to a document. It is an authentication from state to state, and the certificate certifies that:

  • The signature of the public official who signed it is authentic.
  • What capacity they acted in (ex. Notary Public, Secretary of State, Deputy Clerk)
  • The identity of the seal or stamp on the document (Such as the stamp of a Notary Public)

Other Common Documents Submitted for Apostille

Other countries ask for all types of apostille documents. They include but are not limited to:

What if I Want to Send in an Apostille Request Myself?

Anyone is free to send a personal or legal document through the apostille process to either the Idaho Secretary of State or other state Secretary of State office. However, you must make sure that the document goes to the correct Secretary of State’s office. It must also meet all the requirements for authentication, and you must know if it needs to go to the United States Secretary of State’s Office or a US Embassy. It may need a federal apostille or additional authentication. WARNING:  The Secretary of State’s Office may reject your document if anything is not done correctly or is missing.

You must also determine if the country is part of the Hague Convention for apostilles. If it is not, then it must go through additional steps to legalize an authentication.

Why Was My Apostille Request Rejected?

If you’re searching for notary and apostille services in Idaho because your document was rejected by the Secretary of State or the country you sent it to, it could be because the document was:

  • Sent to the wrong Secretary of State’s office
  • Not signed by the appropriate person
  • Missing a signature
  • Not notarized or not notarized properly (if required)
  • A federal document that needed to be sent to the US Secretary of State
  • Lacking embassy authentication
  • Did not have all of the information required
  • The wrong fees were sent with the document or not at all.

How Will Idaho Notary Apostille Services Help Me?

When you hire Idaho Notary Signing Agent, we help our customers review their documents to make sure that they:

  • Do not have any blank spaces.
  • Have signatures (if required)
  • Are not missing a notarization or the notarization is incomplete?
  • Are being sent with the correct fees at the state, federal, or embassy level?
  • Meet any other requirements for apostille at the state or federal level before being sent off.

Idaho Notary Signing Agent will also send or deliver documents to the correct Secretary of State or Embassy and make sure they get back to the customer. Our goal is to take away the hassle, confusion  and stress of the apostille process and allow our customers to focus on the other aspects of their overseas transaction that require their attention.

What is Included in Idaho Notary Signing Agent Apostille Services?

While no one apostille request is the same, the apostille services always includes the following for each individual document:

  • Delivery to the Secretary of State and return shipping or delivery from the SOS to the customer
  • Document review
  • Fees charged in addition may include:
    • Notarizations
    • State and Embassy fees
    • Authentication of documents fee (US Secretary of State and Embassy)
    • Expedited service fees
    • Shipping Fees

How Fast Can I Get My Apostille Back?

If a document is going to the Idaho Secretary of State, customers can expect their documents back within a few days if everything is in order on the document. Currently, the Secretary of State’s office is accepting walk-in apostille requests by appointment only. If your apostille needs to be sent to another state or the US Secretary of State for authentication, we will let you know the estimated processing times.

Idaho Notary Signing Agent will include the expected delivery date when providing a quote for our services.

What Information Do You Need for an Apostille?

Idaho Notary Signing Agent needs to know the following information to provide you with an accurate quote:

  • What kind of document needs to be apostilled?
  • What country the document is going to be used in?
  • Which state did the document originate in?
  • Does the document need to be notarized?
  • If it has been already, where was it notarized?
  • When do you need the document back by?

I Need a Document to Be Apostilled. But I Can’t Answer All of These Questions. Can You Help Me?

Idaho Notary Signing Agent cannot offer any legal advice to our customers, but we are experts when it comes to the process of getting documents apostilled in the shortest amount of time possible. Every state has different requirements, and processing times can vary. We do our very best to keep you informed about any delays. Our goal is to have your documents authenticated as soon as possible, allowing you to to take the next step.

Are you ready to take the hassle out of obtaining a single status apostille? We help people from all 50 States and foreign countries get important legal and personal documents apostilled. Call Idaho Notary Signing Agent at (208) 258-0285 today to find out how we can help!


1. What is a Single Status Affidavit?

A Single Status Affidavit is an official statement confirming that you are single and eligible to marry, especially required for international marriages.

2. What is an Apostille?

An apostille is a certificate that authenticates the signature and seal of a public document, making it valid for use in foreign countries that are part of the Hague Apostille Convention.

3. How do I obtain an apostille for my Single Status Affidavit?

To obtain an apostille, prepare and notarize the affidavit, then submit it to the Idaho Secretary of State’s office for apostille certification. Additional steps may be required for non-Hague countries.

4. Why was my apostille request rejected?

Common reasons for rejection include incorrect submission, missing signatures, improper notarization, or wrong fees. Ensure all requirements are met before submission.

5. How can Idaho Notary Signing Agent help with the apostille process?

We provide comprehensive services including document review, proper notarization, submission to the correct authorities, and ensuring all requirements are met to avoid rejection.

6. What information is needed for an apostille?

To provide an accurate quote, we need details such as the type of document, the destination country, the originating state, and whether it needs notarization. We also need to know your deadline for receiving the document.

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